Sunday, 28 September 2008

Slideshows that make you think.

What is Slideshare?
Slideshare is a web site where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations. Not surprisingly, there are presentations about making presentations. Here I introduce some of the ones which I've found useful in helping me think about how I design my slides.

Taking Your Slide Deck to the Next Level

This engaging presentation by Scott Elias tackles some of the key issues to take into account when you're creating a PowerPoint. It is accompanied by a lively commentary.

Death by PowerPoint

Alexei Kapterev's presentation was something of a sensation when released. It highlights weaknesses in the design of many presentataions and goes on to make practical suggestions on to improve them.

Presenting with Text

If you thought a presentation without pictures would be dull and uninspiring - think again. This PowerPoint shows that a little thought you can make text communicate very effectively indeed.

Brain rules

Garr Reynolds has designed this excellent presentation.

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